Concept 3 Evaluation

For concept three I have studied the idea of showing your identity through hands. I started by doing some observational photography to use as a base for my concept. I have taken photographs of hands doing different activities and edited them all, and explained how they link to identity. I then studied ‘Ronny Engelmann’ and his work with photograph manipulation and I responded by using my own images and creating photoshop composition using surrealism as an inspiration like Engelmann did with his work. I then did a short study on Valentino and his recent campaign using masculine tattooed hands to display the products. I created my own versions of these using feminine hands and masculine products to contrast with Valentino’s work. I really like my response for this and creates more then the Engelmann. Due to time this concept was shorter than others.

For my final piece I created images on hands, to create a 3D version on me response for Engelmann and also a collection of observational images. I wanted to create more and place objects in the hands like Valentino work and make 3D version of that however this was something I wasn’t able to do.

Overall this short concept was useful as it has given me lots of ideas for a final unit piece as I think I want to continue this concept further and develop it more.


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