Concept 3 Final Piece

Hand 1 Hand 3

For my concept 3 final piece I wanted to create something 3D and so I chose the plaster models of the hands. I have got two final pieces for this concept, one is linking the whole concept and the other is relating to my Ronny Engelmann response. The first one is plastered with a collection of my favourite images from throughout the concept. I have used mainly the observational ones and some Engelmann response ones as these are the ones that relate most strongly to my identity. I wanted to create a collage background and have some bigger images in the foreground of the hand surface. I have used favourite images in the foreground too. However the PVA glue I was using has smudged some of the ink and so if I was to do something like this for aunt final piece I will be thinking out my process more carefully. The second hand was inspired my my own response to Engelmann. I have used the photograph I composed of my Dad;s hands and my much loved tree outside my window and created a 3D version of the image. This has worked better than the first hand I think as it is more tidy and precise. This is my favourite out the two as is shows the identity of me and my Dad together entwined in one. It is my favourite as it means something to me and my identity. I think overall I really enjoy this media and it has turned out well and I shall be considering using this media for my final piece for Unit 1.


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