Engelmann Response

For my Ronny Engelmann response I have created three composition pieces that are all surreal images. I wanted to incoportate some of the observation photography I have already done that links with identity. So I have used some of these image for some of the base photographs and have used my own images to blend into them.

piano in snow

This image was composed of an image I took recently in my garden and I had the idea to use the snow as a ‘piano’, using my observational photographs. This is not my favourite images as I was just starting out with composing these responses and the angles weren’t really forrest and the piano doesn’t blend well either. It would look better with just the hand and all the piano eddied out however then I would loose the surreal and musical element. I have also included screenshots for the image below.

tree hand cropped 

This next image is my favourite from my Engelmann response. It is my Dad’s hand while he was fitting a board wall in our house. I have used the tree I have seen every morning outside my bedroom window for 7 years. The hairs on his hands also add to the ‘branch’ effect which I really like too. This photograph was inspired by the cupping hands that have a dorset scene exposed in them too. The vein of the tree also has been tampered to make it curve with the wrist however I think this needs to be more obvious.

eye on hand

This image was inspired by the pieces Engelmann has done with the hands and eyes. I have used the same person for both eyes and hands. However the lighting was different for the face and hand picture so I had to make the whole image black and white to blend it together perfectly. I really like the idea of the ‘Picasso’ style images. I think this will be a good idea for a concept final piece, making a bigger, better version. I would also use more elements of the face, or perhaps different subjects for the photograph


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