Unit Evaluation

My As Photography Unit One was entitled Identity. Through the beginning of my project I learnt skills such as photoshop, rayogram, scanogram, acetate printing, photo manipulation, lighting. These skills have all been back up by thorough artist research and studies. I have used a range of materials to complete responses such as photographs, models, film etc. By experimenting with different media early on it meant I could choose my concepts based on what i enjoyed most and I had a lot on inspiration and responses I could look beck on when developing my three concept final pieces and my overall unit final piece.

During the first section of my project (artist research and responses) I should have used photo paper to present my responses and made them a lot bigger, as they were just presented like artist research. For my next unit I will be printing my responses properly as I must take pride in my work. My favourite media was film for this unit, as I had my concept 2 experimental and final piece as films also my over all final piece was a film entitled ‘Power of Hands’. My first artists study was Lee Howell who used photoshop manipulation to hide and change identities. This was when I was first introduced to adobe photoshop and I used my beginners skills to develop a mediocre response using my own photography as a base with some downloaded images of wings and feather. I think this was a successful response for the first on in my book. My second artist was Jack Hill who captured emotion though his photography and I responded to this by capturing natural photographs with people showing emotions. My next artist research was Bryan Ingram who takes portraiture images focusing on the use of shadow. I replicate this by using people and artificial lighting to create exaggerated shadows and my favourite images were those that had half shadow as this hid the person and their identity. Byony Buller was the fourth artists and I used her work to learn the technique of rayograms. I made a short gif out of my on my blog and so I learnt two techniques when studying her work. I then developed my rayogram work on to acetate using my responses to Lee Howell and I used this technique a lot in my work. The UV artist study was fun to do and again, it was a first for me however I really like the images I produced and how they can completely change your identity by making you someone else ‘when the lights go out’.

Concept one was entitled ‘Past Identities’ and I started out by scanning in some images I was given by my grandparents and used these as a base for my development. I created many responses that linked the past and present into one time frame and for my final piece I used these to create a wall of past identities. I was really pleased with my final piece however I wanted to create more advanced piece by looking at places not just family however it didn’t fit in with the topic.
Concept 2 I really enjoyed as I am into fashion photography. I studied the artist Harry Crowder and respond in contrast with the Clothes Show Live I attended. I really like my final film too which is where I got inspiration for my final piece. I really enjoyed the shoot I did with Beth and Claudia too and want to do this agin in later units. Concept 3 was a shorter concept but I really enjoyed it. My responses were successful too and I used them for inspiration for my final piece. The hands I made had faults like the glue ruining the ink, and the clay not setting in time etc. however the final outcome I like. For my final piece I used all three concepts to incorporate, however concept three was more involved that others. I am proud of what I have produced throughout this unit.


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