Unit Final Piece

For my final piece for unit 1 I have decided to create a short film entitles ‘The Power of Hands’. This is a film that portrays the power of hands though film and photography. It tells us how we can show our identity, our lives, our family, our professions, our talents, though hands. This film will go through different scenarios, settings, motions, activities that show us how we take our hands for granted in this world today.
It links together my concept 1 as I have included photos from my concept 1 final piece that I scanned and used on the ‘Past Identity Wall’. The images I have used are based on hands, like the nurses photograph was taken on my grandmas first day as a ward nurse. My concept 2 links in due to the fashion show and fashion shoot being a part of the film too. I have included film footage from both my concept 2 experiment film and my concept 2 final piece film. For my concept 3 I explored the topic of showing your identity through your hands. So the film is based on my responses from that concept. I have included images from concept 3 initial photography and my Ronny Engelmann response. I haven’t used many photographs from my original artist research as I wanted to base the final piece off of my main work on all three concepts and so the footage in images were taken from and inspired by concepts 1, 2, and 3.
The song ‘Fire’ by Jessie J was a perfect fit to the atmosphere of the film. I wanted the film to be inspiring, motivational, eye-opening to people. This song is very uplifting and expressive, especial in the choruses and there is also some references to hands which is why I chose it. My experimental final piece (the shorter film) was very helpful with making the main final piece. The song worked really well and so I didn’t change that and the use of instruments in the introduction I made I loved the effect of and so I wanted to use that idea in my final piece (however making it slightly different and the timing more efficient).
However, in the film I would have liked to gain more impressive footage. For example rock climbing, rowing, running etc. but due to duration of time this wasn’t feasible. Although I am ver pleased with the footage I got. I film the whole film my self apart from the skiing footage which I was given by someone with the excess to a GoPro camera and a ski trip.
In conclusion my final piece was a success but, given more,= time, it could have been even more motivational and impressive. I also think the DVD cover fitted the film perfectly too and this will be handed in as separate piece than the disc here in my sketchbook.


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