Valentino Response

For my response I have created a composition of photographs that are inspired by the Terry Richardson campaign.


The image above was a starter experiment with the objects and labelling. I have kept this quite simple as I wanted to practice making the adverts and this was a perfect starter. I have used a female hand in all of these composition as I wanted it to contrast with the identity of the male in Valentino’s campaign. The Xbox was again, a contrast with the gender role in the photograph. I will be using this theme throughout the response.

nike air

The photograph was themed around wealth and poverty. I have used a dirty old beaten trainer in order to advertise ‘Nike Air’ the trainers. I have had the model hold the trainer by the laces as not only to create a portraiture image but also I like the effect of her ‘not even wanting to touch them’ they are so dirty. The wealth comes from the branding. Nike Air’s are a rather expensive select line of trainers and I wanted the image to relate to the fact some people barely have items that can pass as shoes, never mind spending hundreds of pounds o trainers. Our wealth status can identify us too.


The photograph to the left is a response to the stereotypical group of the population that assume the gander roles should be played. That men should be skilled in woodwork, building and ‘manly’ activities, and how women should be skilled in housework and make-up. Here I have chosen to use a saw with the female hand to represent that gender roles shouldn’t really be played. Women can make better carpenters and men can make better cleaners. The contrast between male and female was inspired by the contrast in the Valentino campaign. He uses masculine hands that are covered in ‘manly’ tattoos, and there holding feminine accessories like bags and scarfs. This brings together the two opposites of male and female in one image which is what I have tried to replicate in my photograph.


The image below is again another contrast on masculine and feminine. I have used spanners to indicate the male side and of course the feminine hand plays her part. I have also used the original ‘Valentino’ branding on this image as I think this photograph relate to the advert most stingily by swapping the roles around in the shoot. The male hand for the feminine, the handbag of the spanners etc. I think people often assume the role of the traditional man and traditional women however these days that is changing rapidly. Men are enow being encouraged to become feminists and that the label ‘a feminist’ shouldn’t become your identity. This label was often used in negative terms in the 1900’s and before but now the stigma is changing.


This is my final image for the response to Valentino. This image is more creative and what represent my identity. I have used the paint brushes to signify my passion for art. This has been a love of mine since I could hold a pen. I have always been a creative person. The eBay advertisement is still to represent my identity. My style is very vintage and I love interior design too and so eBay is my local storefront 24/7.


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